Conveyances/Transfers of Stocks/Marketable Securities



Duty is 1% of the consideration paid for shares/marketable securities. Where the transfer takes place electronically through the CREST system a 1% charge also arises. Any instrument executed on or after 24th December 2008 which transfers stock or marketable securities on sale where the amount or value of the consideration is €1,000 or less, is exempt from stamp duty.

Where the consideration for a particular transfer of stocks or marketable securities is €1,000 or less but the transfer does form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value, or the aggregate amount or value, of the consideration which is attributable to stocks or marketable securities exceeds €1,000, the instrument will be chargeable to ad valorem stamp duty at 1% and must be submitted to Revenue for stamping. The same applies to a gift in similar circumstances with the substitution of the value of the stocks or marketable securities for the amount or value of the consideration for the sale.

The change does not affect electronic transfers of stocks or marketable securities. Accordingly, ad valorem stamp duty at 1% will continue to be chargeable on transfers effected in CREST regardless of the amount or value of the consideration for the sale concerned.