VAT Registration Thresholds:
Supply of taxable goods in Ireland.(1)

(90% of turnover must be from the sale goods for this threshold to apply)

 €75,000 ( €70,000 up to 1 May 2008)

Provision of taxable services in Ireland (1)

 €37,500 ( €35,500 up to 1 May 2008)

Note 1.
These thresholds do not apply to traders established outside Ireland who must register irrespective of turnover.

Note 2.
A registration threshold of €41,000 also applies to certain persons acquiring goods in Ireland from other EU member states (other than new means of transport or goods subject to a duty of excise).

Note 3.
A registration threshold of € 35,000 applies in relation to "Distance Selling" – i.e. persons supplying certain goods to non-taxable persons in Ireland fromother EU member states.

Note 4.
A registration threshold of €nil also applies to certain persons acquiring certain services in Ireland from abroad.

VAT rates:    


This standard rate applies to all supplies not chargeable at other rates.

Examples - Cars, Petrol / Diesel, Telephone services, soft drinks and alcohol, computers and software, consultancy services.



Heating fuel, electricity, restaurant services, newspapers, hotel and B&B lettings, property and Child Car Seats (with effect from 1 May 2007, please see below)


  Examples - Exports, certain food and drink, oral human medicine, books, children's clothing and footwear.
4.8%   "Flat Rate Addition" 5.2% Examples - Livestock, live greyhounds , hire of horses and the "Flat Rate Addition" .


  Examples - Financial, insurance, educational, training, medical, optical, and dental and passenger transport services.